Perks of Being a Mom of Multiples

Ask any mom of multiples to describe her life and you’ll get a smattering of responses. One thing is certain though, she is sure to tell you that life with multiples is nothing short of extraordinary. True, life with multiples can be chaotic, messy, and down right tough at times, but as a mom of multiples there’s something wonderfully beautiful about getting to experience it all with double, triple, and sometimes even more the love!
Here, in no particular order, are just some of the countless reasons why being a MoM is one of the greatest gigs:


  • Listening to the ever-popular “twin talk” and secret language multiples develop that only they understand is quite entertaining!
  • Watching the bond of friendship among them unfold is magical! And even better, they have a built in playmate!
  • Getting to dress them in matching/coordinating outfits and Halloween costumes is, let’s face it, fun!
  • We know what the word “singleton” means…and we use it!
  • Tackling something like nap time or venturing out with your multiples alone feels like a huge accomplishment!
  • It’s hysterical watching them giggle and make each other laugh!
  • Having an ultra sound done every two weeks, sometimes even more, is a huge perk during pregnancy!
  • The teammate bond with our significant other is sometimes stronger because, let’s be honest, he’s often times a second mom-up for feedings, helping with baths, changing diapers, etc…!
  • Watching each of our multiples grow and develop as individuals is rewarding!
  • We get to experience DOUBLE, TRIPLE, (sometimes more!) of the giggles, snuggles and love!
  • The attention we get out in public is actually gratifying, especially when we make having multiples look like a piece of cake!
  • Learning and discovering your strengths as an individual and feeling like SuperMom after a day’s work!