Top 10 Travel Tips for Moms of Multiples


While May seems to be off to a rainy and chilly start, summer is upon us and many have started the vacation planning process. Vacation is a time to kick back and relax- Think that’s impossible with multiples? Think again! We’ve collected some great advice from our own MoMs to assist you in planning, traveling and vacationing with your brood this season :o)

  1. Never underestimate the power of the supermom minivan. Nothing beats power doors, built in TV and DVD player to keep your tykes occupied on long rides and what’s even better is the large cargo space for all. your. stuff. The third row makes it great for carting other family members or friends and if it’s not in use, the extra space makes a great changing station for those still in diapers ;o)
  2. Speaking of diapers, did you know you can ship diapers to a lot of hotels/resorts so you don’t have to have that extra baggage? Call ahead and see if the place you’re staying can accommodate you.
  3. If you’re traveling with a potty-trained crew, portable potties for the back seat are a great idea. Check out this one here as an example: 2-in-1-portable-potty-trainer-seat
  4. Family bathrooms can be a lifesaver at rest stops! You can tag team with your SO to make diaper changes/potty time quicker- some family bathrooms even have two toilets- and the obvious plus side is you have your privacy as a family to contend with all the fun ::insert sarcasm:: of taking TWO or MORE kiddos to the bathroom :o)
  5. Traveling by plane? Here are two awesome sites with all your major mom questions answered! TSA-Traveling with Children and TSA-Travel Tips: Reducing Stress When Flying with Children
  6. A novel idea for any trip is to keep a snack basket and busy basket on hand. Keep your snack basket filled with easy grab-and-go treats to keep hungry mouths fed- including your own! Busy baskets are great for long trips- think about putting together a bunch of fun activities that are age appropriate for your young ones. Here’s a site with some innovative ideas: Busy Bag Ideas
  7. Take a look at this travel gem, The Trunki! It’s a ride on suitcase for your little ones. Imagine pulling them through the airport, heck they could pull one another! Trunki
    The makers of trunki also sell other products great for traveling, like the Toddlepak- a harness for keeping your “runners” at bay, and the Paddlepak, a waterproof backpack for lake, pool or beach trips.
  8. Another convenient way to keep your multiples in tow is to consider baby/toddler wearing. Many of our MoMs use products like the Kinderpack, Tula and Ergobaby. These baby wearing devices are great for travel, especially when you need to rush through the airport or want to get from point A to B without lugging around your stroller. Want to learn more about baby/toddler wearing? Check out two great stores in the Lehigh Valley area that will let you try out some of their products right in the store: JuJu Monkey in Allentown and Motherbaby Naturals in Bethlehem.
    Bonus! Baby wearing can be a great workout. Try safely squatting with a 20 lb toddler. Can anyone say, “Gym time on vacation?!” ;o)
  9. While you may be able to run on “vacation mode” remember your children- especially the younger ones- are at their best while keeping to “regularly scheduled programs.” Staying up later or skipping nap times can mean disaster. Try to keep sleep times as close to routine as possible to ensure everyone has a pleasant trip. You may even join your kiddos at nap time- Afterall, you’re on vacation!
  10. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” – A great quote to remind us MoMs of the importance of forward thinking! Take time to plan as much as possible- pit stops, meals, leg stretches, packing lists, etc… As a MoM, it often becomes routine to plan ahead, plan for extra and plan for the unknown. Vacation planning should be no different. Keep a change of clothes (for everyone), an emergency and first-aid kit, blankets, water and food in the car for long trips and in your carry on (when possible) for long flights.


Whatever vacation you and your multiples venture on this summer, remember it is simply that, a vacation- have fun, be safe, relax and enjoy the little moments making big memories with your family and friends! :o)