Ju-Ju Monkey: Hangin’ Around For 6 Years!

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of one of the leading natural parenting stores in the Allentown area. Ju-Ju Monkey first began as an online shop with a small in-home show room atĀ founder and operator, Sara Moore’s residence in 2010. Clients were seen by appointment only but as clientele grew, so did the store. Now located in Allentown off of Tilghman St., Ju-Ju Monkey has served families of the Lehigh Valley and beyond at this location for the past 3 years.

Looking back at the early stages of the shop when her son was only 2 years old, Sara remembers wanting to learn more about cloth diapering. One might say that this was why it all began. Sara saw a need for mothers, like herself, for a place to go to both purchase and more importantly, learn the ins and outs of cloth diapering. Sara, who is self-taught and self-educated on the subject, has become more than knowledgeable in this field having even served on the Real Diaper Association Board ( for the past three years as an advisor and supporter of cloth diapering.

In addition to cloth diapering, Ju-Ju Monkey has also become a local resource for other natural parenting techniques like baby wearing. Knowing how challenging and intimidating baby wearing can be (especially for us moms of multiples!), Ju-Ju Monkey offers classes during the week with a special class focusing on tandem wearing (yay multiples!) held every Tuesday at 9:30 AM. The class is only $12 for 45 minutes. Don’t own a carrier? No problem! Sara is happy to let you borrow and try out what’s in her shop. Tuesday evening classes are geared towards basic baby wearing knowledge and for parents who wish to learn more. The various classes that rotate monthly are: Foundations/Baby Wearing 101, Woven Wraps and Back Carry. Fridays are dubbed as “Fancy Finish Friday” focusing on different ways to tie off woven wraps.

If these opportunities sound inviting but you can’t get to the shop whether it be because of work, stresses of leaving the house as a new MoM, etc… Ju-Ju Monkey will come to you! This unique feature aligns with the shop’s mission to serve the community and Sara’s belief that it truly takes a village to raise a child.

While natural parenting is the focus of the store, it is a judgement and pressure-free atmosphere. Natural parenting isn’t for every family and Ju-Ju Monkey understands this. So while cloth diapering or baby wearing may not be your thing, there’s still reason to check out the store. Drop by with your little ones and you are likely to witness exciting children’s classes in the back of the shop like: Sing and Sign, Kindermusic or Draw Me a Song. Check out their classes offered here:

Whatever your reason, whatever your parenting style, Ju-Ju Monkey is a must-visit shop. Even if it’s to just escape the craziness of parenthood, Sara invites you to stop in and just relax with a cup of coffee. (side note: Dunkin Donuts is right next door!) Ju-Ju Monkey is that type of place: welcoming, nurturing and family-friendly. Stop in soon and see for yourself why this store happily celebrates 6 years of business today and why clients can likely plan on many more!

*Recently I had the opportunity to do a phone interview with Sara, who was kind enough to give me some info about the shop’s history and happenings. A huge thank you to Sara for taking the time to fill our readers in on her wonderful gem of a store! Shop Local! :o)

Ju-Ju Monkey
4755 W. Tilghman St.
Allentown, PA 18104

Store Hours:
M-F 10-7
Saturday 10-4
Sunday- Closed