Are you an expecting mother of multiples in the Lehigh Valley? Struggling with raising your twins, triplets or higher order multiples? Looking for a group of supportive moms who can relate to what you’re going through? Interested in having your children join in fun activities and social outings with other multiples? COME JOIN US!


Monthly member meetings are held the second Thursday of each month beginning at 7:30 p.m. (new members are encouraged to arrive at 7:00). Our meetings are held at First Presbyterian Church of Allentown, 3231 W. Tilghman St,  Allentown (Corner of Cedar Crest Blvd & Tilghman St). Our meetings include a brief discussion of business and an interesting topic or fun activity for our members. You are welcome to attend two meetings before paying dues to join. The monthly meetings are for mothers only but nursing and bottle-fed babies are welcome.

Why you should join!

If you are pregnant, there are moms who are available to answer any questions you might have regarding your pregnancy, birth and raising multiples.
New Mom Support– once you have your babies, or if you go on bed rest, you can receive a grocery card or home-cooked meals from our members and MMLV gift.
Breastfeeding Support – If you plan on breastfeeding or are having a hard time getting started, we have members who did it and can lend support and guidance.
NICU & Bed Rest Support – If you end up on bed rest, or your kids spend some time in the NICU, we can guide you through it, from moms who have been there.
Social Events – We have social events throughout the year, some for the whole family and some just for you to get some time away with other mom friends.
Facebook – Our members-only private Facebook page includes discussion forums on various topics, classifieds, news, events and photos. It helps MMLV members stay connected and keeps all of our information in one place.
Instagram- Please follow us on our public Instagram account at momsofmultipleslehighvalley
Play Dates – Join a playgroup or create one of your own.



Our membership dues are $30 annually