Moms of multiples

Of the Lehigh Valley

Providing a Positive, Supportive, and Productive Environment for Moms of Multiples


Our mission is to provide a positive and productive environment for moms of multiples to interact and support one another.

about us

We’re excited that you’ve decided to check out Moms of Multiples of the Lehigh Valley!  Our group is dedicated to providing support and encouragement to local moms of multiples and expecting moms of multiples.  We offer guidance from pregnancy through childhood and can assist with questions related to motherhood and raising multiples.  We hope that you love our group and consider becoming a member!  If you have any questions before joining, please feel free to message us through our website here.

MMLV offers a variety of activities for members and their families, including play dates, club-sponsored picnics and parties, Expecting Parents meetings, and Moms Night Out get-togethers. We also meet the second Thursday of every month at First Presbyterian Church in Allentown to review club business and socialize with members. Attendance at all MMLV activities is voluntary!

Why You Should Join MMLV

  • Pregnancy Support – Our members have all been where you are! They love to answer questions related to pregnancy, delivery, and preparing for and raising multiples.
  • Meals for New Moms – Once you have your babies, or if you go on bed rest, you can receive a few home-cooked meals from our volunteer members.
  • Breastfeeding Support – If you plan on breastfeeding or are having a hard time getting started, we have members who did it and can lend support and guidance.
  • NICU & Bed Rest Support – If you end up on bed rest, or your kids spend some time in the NICU, our moms who have been there can guide you through it.
  • Social Events – We have social events throughout the year, some for the whole family and some just for you to get a little time away with good friends.
  • Facebook – Our members-only private Facebook page includes discussion forums on various topics, classifieds, news, events and photos. It helps MMLV members stay connected and keeps all of our information in one place.
  • Playgroups – Connect with other moms of multiples and create your own playgroup.
  • Community Outreach – Our group organizes several fundraising events annually to raise money for our local Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Our membership dues are $30 annually. You are welcome to attend two meetings before joining. Nursing and bottle fed babies are welcome at our meetings! Dues can be paid at one of our monthly meetings or sent directly to our Treasurer. You can email us at [email protected] for her address information. Checks should be made payable to MMLV.

Thank you and we hope to see you again soon!